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L meaning in hindi

How to pronounce L 
Usage of L: 1: It is noted for the curl at the bottom of the minuscule l 2: Another characteristic of early Portuguese was the loss of l and n 3: However, the South Semitic order, h l ħ m q w š r t s k n x b . 4: I l ''m forced to put their thumbs 5: It also means the Bois de l olive 6: The bill is large and slightly curved. 7: Sugarcane we went through the mill to extract the juice
L ki paribhasha : vah snkhya ya ank jo chaalis aur das ke jod se bane

L synonyms
gallant gritty bold fearless audacious adventurous courageous heroic daring chivalrous confident dashing dauntless defiant doughty firm foolhardy fortitudinous forward game imprudent indomitable intrepid chin-up herolike abundant ample awkward beefy big built bulky burdensome chunky considerable copious corpulent cumbersome cumbrous elephantine enceinte excessive expectant fat fleshy gravid gross hefty huge large loaded lead-footed asperity bad news bind box catch-22 circumstance clutch condition corner crisis deadlock deep water difficulty dilemma drag emergency exigency fix hang-up hardship hole hot water imbroglio impasse jam juncture dutch
L antonyms
cowardly timid meek cautious afraid fearful shy weak unadventurous skinny slender thin 
Usage of L in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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