Laborious meaning in hindi | Laborious ka matlab 

Laborious meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Laborious 
Usage of Laborious: 1: The decipherment of the writing was a long and laborious process. 2: Thus, "Respectfulness, without the Rites, becomes laborious bustle 3: By extension, Liquidation this war was laborious 4: Childbirth difficult, laborious 5: Childbirth laborious 6: He is worth his weight in gold is said of a man that brings many qualities, a laborious subordinate, attached to his duties 7: In this profession, learning is difficult, long, laborious 8: It is figuratively called What you get by laborious research 9: It still means Who is diligent, laborious 10: laborious and difficult Examination
Laborious ki paribhasha : jisake snpaadan men shram karana pade

Laborious synonyms
onerous backbreaking arduous burdensome strenuous tiresome forced heavy herculean labored operose ponderous stiff strained toilsome tough wearing wearisome wicked effortful fatiguing rough go tough job assiduous painstaking active diligent indefatigable industrious persevering sedulous tireless unflagging
Laborious antonyms
facile effortless trivial idle lackadaisical lazy reticent easy simple 
Usage of Laborious in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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