Laying waste meaning in hindi | Laying waste ka matlab 

Laying waste meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Laying waste 
Laying waste synonyms
desecration theft rapine desolation stealing crime robbery burglary wasting sacking ransacking ravaging spoliation despoiling marauding exhaust expend eat up overwhelm demolish annihilate wreck suppress decay crush extinguish raze lay waste devour desecrate depredate depopulate lay low wipe out dismantle shatter damage impair sabotage kill gut maim eradicate deface slay dispatch abort extirpate total zap cream mutilate vaporize exterminate butcher quash wax liquidate nullify quell nuke overturn trash level ravish erase annul snuff out stamp out tear down torpedo axe blot out break down swallow up raid do one in take apart wipe off map beleaguer torment molest worry badger gnaw perturb vex attack irk persecute plague trouble fret bedevil disturb tease upset harass irritate hassle chivy pilfer loot trespass appropriate strip nab arrogate thieve purloin invade confiscate rifle pinch lift liberate requisition salvage fleece burn prowl snatch relieve prey foray forage grab loft knock off rip off kip knock over moonlight requisition smash and grab stick up seize scour comb spy scan poach probe scrutinize pry rape overhaul seek rummage rake filch peer sound search rustle explore hunt investigate go through look into take away ferret go over with a fine-tooth comb leave no stone unturned look all over for look high and low make off with shake down disrupt overrun wrest capture trample overthrow pirate disorganize sink prostrate break up pull down sweep away leave in ruins impoverish injure decimate wrack deplete bankrupt defile beggar reduce bust deplore disfigure drain botch defeat mangle bring down do in dilapidate bring to ruin clean out make a mess of spoilate use up wreak havoc on topple tumble destruct lay in ruins put out of action put out of commission create chaos play mischief with
Laying waste antonyms
boon goodness miracle construction wonder create release accumulate store fast save build help repair encourage let go collect gather neglect not use starve improve protect mend aid assist preserve validate begin start bear give birth fix lose keep retain restore guard enrich delight reassure calm soothe comfort appease pacify make happy please support order grow safeguard receive offer organize ignore clean neaten tidy find care for liberate surrender praise free yield heal adorn beautify ornament honor sanctify decorate strengthen cure develop hire employ fail hoard increase invigorate expand fill inspirit 
Usage of Laying waste in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi 
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