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Learning meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Learning 
Usage of Learning: 1: A good dictionary is indispensable for learning a foreign language. 2: He is learning thermodynamics in physics. 3: every student should start learning programming language from basic. 4: She is learning polka. 5: the humanistic revival of learning 6: The child is learning to write early. 7: You are still only learning to swim . 8: Knowledge and learning contribute to moral development. 9: The Crusades led to some European contact with classical learning 10: Software and books with tapes are also important part of Arabic learning
Learning ki paribhasha : bahut adhik vidvaan hone ka bhaav baar baar kisi kaam ko karana kisi kaary ke karane ki pranaali aadi samajhana vah gyaan jo shiksha aadi ke dvaara upaarjit ya praapt kiya jaata hai braahmaanon ke shatkarmo men se ek karm vastuon aur vishayon ki vah bhaavana jo man ya aatma ko ho

Usage of Learning in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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