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Legate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Legate 
Usage of Legate: 1: My friends father is a papal legate in Nepal. 2: Syria was governed not by a proconsul or legate of Augustus 3: Instead of a legate or proconsul 4: Meanwhile, a plague broke out, killing many, including the legate Adhemar. 5: Titus Labienus was Caesar's most senior legate during his Gallic campaigns 6: Caesar's former propraetorian legate and second in command in the Gallic War 7: Charge, Office of legate 8: He pointed once the extent of the government a legate in the priesthood 9: Prelate established by the Pope to perform the duties of the legate in the absence of it 10: The legate presented his letters
Legate ki paribhasha : vah jo ek raajy ka sndesha lekar doosare raajy men jaata hain vah vyakti jo kisa doosare ki or se koi kaam karane ke liye niyukt ho char ya jaasoos bhejana vah manushy jo kisi vishesh kaary ke liye athava koi samaachaar pahuanchaane ya laane ke liye kahin bheja jaay

Legate synonyms
ambassador emissary deputy envoy agent delegate representative nuncio 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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