Liable meaning in hindi | Liable ka matlab 

Liable meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Liable 
Usage of Liable: 1: Partners are jointly and severally liable for the partnerships debts. 2: The company shall be liable for any damage caused in transit. 3: Trespasser are liable to be fined. 4: unlabeled luggage is liable to be lost 5: Under stress they are liable to lose their balance. 6: The following section is liable to change and is only indicative. 7: All payments deducted, he found liable for that amount 8: An heir is liable for the debts of the one he inherits 9: Any man is liable to err, err subject to 10: be civilly liable for an offense, be liable for damage resulting from a crime committed by a person on which exercises some authority
Liable ki paribhasha : radd ya nasht karane laayak jisapar kisi baat ka uttaradaayitv ho pooja ya satkaar ke yogy athava jisaka satkaar honevaala ho

Liable synonyms
accountable amenable bound chargeable obligated subject tied susceptible inclined apt sensitive vulnerable prone assailable disposed exposed given penetrable tending attackable vincible beatable conquerable in danger verisimilar
Liable antonyms
irresponsible unaccountable excusable freed immune unlikely unsusceptible 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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