Likely meaning in hindi | Likely ka matlab 

Likely meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Likely 
Usage of Likely: 1: A likely consequency. 2: He is a likely candidate for chairmanship. 3: The boy teased the girl. She retaliated by slapping him.
The other group is likely to retaliate.
4: According to the weather forecast,the sky is likely to remain clear for
the next 24hrs.
5: He will as likely as not arrive without warning . 6: I put down John as a likely prospect . 7: The majority suggested the most likely alternative is that Randolph Jefferson 8: It will also be more likely to survive to reproduce 9: For others, the magazine's features likely aided adoption. 10: Most of the Pukaskwa Pits were likely made during this time.
Likely ki paribhasha : pooja ya satkaar ke yogy athava jisaka satkaar honevaala ho upayog men laaya hua vah baat jisaka hona daivi vidhaan men nishchit ho

Likely synonyms
fair inclined possible feasible reasonable expected acceptable prone achievable anticipated attainable conceivable credible destined disposed favorite given to imaginable liable ostensible plausible practicable predisposed presumable promising rational seeming subject to tending thinkable up-and-coming workable true assuring believeable conjecturable in favor of in the cards in the habit of inferable odds-on on the verge of supposable verisimilar presumably doubtless doubtlessly prima facie seemingly assumably in all likelihood in all probability like as not most likely no doubt presumptively to all appearances
Likely antonyms
unlikely implausible inapt unforeseeable unreasonable impossible improbably 
Usage of Likely in sentences

The word is used as adjective adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as, verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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