Line up meaning in hindi | Line up ka matlab 

Line up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Line up 
Usage of Line up: 1: The buildings all line up neatly 2: Please line up everyone against the wall . 3: I can line up everyone behind you .
Line up ki paribhasha : aisa samooh jisamen bahut si visheshataः ek hi ya ek hi prakaar ki vastuean ek doosare ke uparaant ek sidh men hon

Line up synonyms
bill cast list queue selection side squad team listing incorporate join associate relate annex unite amalgamate combine connect confederate ally tie up band together come aboard form connection go partners hook up plug into team up throw in with file sort systematize group dispose align tidy rank police spruce position regulate class classify clear the decks fix up spruce up police up put in good shape put in order put to rights whip into shape tailor determine prepare provide promote manage negotiate construct resolve design decide draft lay out work out establish blueprint adjust concert devise frame contrive direct chart project settle compromise adapt harmonize scheme agree to iron out quarterback come to terms get act together get ready hammer out a deal make a connection make ready map out pull a wire pull things together set stage shape up work out a deal exhibit parade show display hire set up enter enroll engage charter procure bespeak reserve make reservation pencil in preengage sew up touch follow score adjoin bound rim verge skirt underline cut draw march trace communicate inscribe abut furrow delineate outline fringe rule crease edge place neighbor ordinate allineate butt against assemble mobilize distribute lead deploy muster gather space collect usher escort conduct rally shepherd draw up consolidate absorb fuse blend meld conglomerate mingle network coalesce assimilate marry cement converge mix synthesize intermix submerge compound centralize meet intermingle pool immerge be swallowed up become lost in become partners deal one in hitch on interface join up melt into slap on tack on throw in together tie in assign control alphabetize regiment tabulate index pattern catalogue neaten locate standardize routine codify furnish put away regularize formalize normalize streamline set guidelines set in order sort out run formulate create coordinate fashion constitute mold compose fit pigeonhole correlate straighten get together put together be responsible for get going lick into shape look after see to straighten out take care of maneuver seat leave station deposit store plot represent sketch conspire invent engineer concoct calculate hatch brainstorm contemplate meditate craft intrigue steer bargain for block out cook up figure on figure out fix to lay in provisions make arrangements reckon on rough in set out register compute feed process poll itemize slate estimate budget compile prioritize prearrange get on line lay on incline bias grade assort bracket predispose categorize appoint note record time card be due write in one's book focus head beam level slant turn cock bring to bear draw a bead zero in get in one's sights systemize
Line up antonyms
disjoin disconnect dissociate detach divide separate part stay away destroy disarrange disorder disorganize mix up scatter jumble derange disperse displace mismanage confuse disturb not plan hesitate waver ruin neglect upset unfit disagree conceal hide cover reject bow out exonerate cancel dismiss let go free center ignore mess up strip forget lose unline spread leave unmix unsettle disallow prevent rescind muddle keep break change depart move differ back out remove limit restrict be direct end finish take 
Usage of Line up in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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