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Live on meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Live on 
Usage of Live on: 1: Koalas live on trees and eat leaves. 2: SpongeBob and Patrick live on either side of Squidward 3: Broadcast live on the Univision network 4: Verse allowed the culture of oral traditions to live on 5: The remaining Caribs now live on a territory on the east coast of the island. 6: More than 1,500 species of fish live on the reef 7: Five hundred species of marine algae or seaweed live on the reef 8: Australia but his successors still live on the Cocos. 9: A few species in the genus Halobates even live on the surface of open oceans
Live on ki paribhasha : doosare ke haath se apane haath men karana

Live on synonyms
advance go on extend linger pursue reach stay remain maintain sustain progress last promote persevere project uphold ride outlast lengthen abide prolong stand loiter rest outlive draw out keep at keep up carry forward forge ahead get on with it hang in keep on keep the ball rolling make headway move ahead never cease perdure persist in press on push on run on stay on stick at stick to keep on truckin' exist be cling superannuate prevail wear carry on hang on hold out ride out be left be long lived be timeless carry through have no end hold on never say die wear on wear well nibble graze ingest devour prey on eat fare feast meal munch nurture partake pasture peck pig out scarf snack sponge subsist exist on have a bite take nourishment handle withstand recover bear weather suffer revive outwear come through make the cut pull through get through be extant cut it go all the way go the limit keep afloat live down live out live through make a comeback pull out of it remain alive see through stand up tough it out
Live on antonyms
retreat retrogress decrease take back cease ignore discontinue condemn shorten reject refuse complete desist halt stop go leave depart quit abbreviate move end finish die lose abstain neglect give up 
Usage of Live on in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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