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Look to meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Look to 
Usage of Look to: 1: Each of these effects give a different look to the control . 2: It means, by extension who is alert, awake, lively and elegant look to 3: To make it clear, to show evil, Making good, bad countenance, look to his advantage or his disadvantage opportunities that require resolution and firmness

Look to synonyms
count on rely on assume stake venture wager believe in bet on build on lean on be sure about gamble on reckon on repair use run recur devote try visit haunt direct utilize employ turn frequent affect address go apply exercise bring into play take up avail oneself of benefit by fall back on go to head for make use of put to use recur to refer to turn to suppose expect presume imagine surmise hope accredit swear by depend on be convinced bet bottom dollar on calculate on confide in have faith in lay money on place confidence in place trust in rely upon take at face value think likely extol prize applaud treasure commend adore hail praise cherish worship glorify eulogize approve delight in fall for go for marvel at be crazy about be crazy for be crazy over be mad about be nuts about be stuck on be sweet on be wild about get high on groove on hold in respect look up to moon over pay homage to rate highly take pleasure in think highly of wonder at enjoy regard love savor relish apprise consider hold dear be fond of regard highly think the world of champion support advocate accept encourage choose endorse pick fancy approbate patronize countenance sanction incline be in favor of buck for cotton to flash on hold with lean toward opt for root for single out take a liking to take a shine to take to think well of tilt toward be on one's side commemorate observe celebrate aggrandize ennoble sublime sanctify dignify magnify keep erect exalt lionize distinguish acclaim hallow compliment decorate uprear be faithful be true give glad hand give key to city live up to roll out red carpet canonize apotheosize deify dote on bow down put on a pedestal uphold heed recognize notice attend note spare follow abide by take into account adhere to comply with be awed by be kind to defer to have good opinion of have high opinion observe of pay attention set store by show consideration show courtesy be in awe of hold in awe put on pedestal sing someone's praises
Look to antonyms
abstain misuse ignore shun avoid dodge break stay halt stop disbelieve reject distrust mistrust know hold keep blame despise dislike hate disparage denounce dishonor reproach censure condemn abhor detest execrate scorn criticize disrespect mock not care disregard decrease neglect overlook depreciate lose value be critical insult ridicule deride abandon abuse refuse disapprove protest dissuade disallow deny hinder thwart oppose discourage disagree hurt disfavor belittle degrade disgrace castigate humiliate shame forget debase lower betray disobey 
Usage of Look to in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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