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Love meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Love 
As noun : अंगभु Ex:  a fitting symbol of spousal love
अंतरख Ex:  his love for his work अच्युतपुत्र Ex:  the moral of the story is to love thy neighbor अनुराग Ex:  Their indivisibility shows their love for each other. उ:   अनुराग मूलतः संस्कृत का शब्द है। अपेखा Ex:  Mrs. Jhunjunwala had a great love for horses and never missed the equestrian events shown on TV during the Olympics. अभिकांक्षा Ex:  I love Funnel Cake. अभिमानित Ex:  I love my girl friend. अभिलाषना Ex:  I love eating muffins at evening hour. अभिष्वंग Ex:  Mother love her kids. अभिस्नेह Ex:  I love chips made of jackfruits. अयुगिषु Ex:  She came to know that, his love is pretence; as he refused to marry her. अयुग्मबाण Ex:  i really love to eat breadfruit. अयुग्मशर Ex:  Kalidasas treatment of love in Meghasandesha is very vivid. अविद्वेष Ex:  I love to read anecdotes published in `Readers Digest. असमबाण Ex:  Her children love to eat cornish pasties. असमशर Ex:  The children love being out in the open. आइड़ियल Ex:  i love gig at parties. आत्मभू Ex:  i love curring आत्मयोनि Ex:  Neeta is madly in love with Girish. आत्मसमुद्भव Ex:  I love sitting in the portico. आदर्श Ex:  deity of love Aphrodite stays in everyone's heart. उ:   उनका आदर्श शासन धर्मतंत्र था। आवड़ना Ex:  i really love to go on hiking with my dawg. Ex:  Children love going to the zoo. उ:   इ मेडीसीन चिकित्साशास्त्र से सम्बन्धित एक ऑनलाइल वेबसाइट है। इराज Ex:  We all love seesawing in the evening. इश्क Ex:  I love porridge in breakfast. उ:   दयारे इश्क में अपना मकाम पैदा कर। इश्तिहा Ex:  I love melon. इष्म Ex:  I love eating Atemoya. उदर्चि Ex:  One should love his soil. उद्वस Ex:  Mother Theressa used to give mother like love to the destities. उशाना Ex:  Children love listening to fairy-tales. एषण Ex:  I love eating popadum with evening tea. एष्टि Ex:  Children love to have Ice Cream. Ex:  Americans love eating zucchinis. उ:   समाज क एक जैनधर्मावलंवी समुदाय है। कंतु Ex:  The poet symbolizes love in this poem कलाकेलि Ex:  Children love stories about ghosts. कामदेव Ex:  I love you उ:   वह कामदेव की तरह प्रेम और काम-वासना के देवता हैं। कुसुमकार्मुक Ex:  He wrote her a love letter. कुसुमबाण Ex:  She fell in love with her former student कुसुमसर Ex:  They are a ture love match. कुसुमेष् Ex:  Sisterly love in precious. खं Ex:  I love to participate in social activities. खुक्खल Ex:  Buffaloes love water. खुसुसियत Ex:  Many people love to eat the Italian ravioli dish. ख्वास्त Ex:  Children love to take ride on roller-coaster. गदयित्रु Ex:  I love to walk in a promenade. घनिष्ठ Ex:  It was 40 love उ:   घनिष्ठ का अर्थ होता है अन्तरंग। चहिनपु Ex:  I love bicycle . चाह Ex:  There are people who love snow ski rides during the month of December. उ:   चाय से ज्यादा चाह नुकसान दायक है। चाहना Ex:  I just love to eat out every now and then . चित्तजन्मा Ex:  He also had fallen out of love . चित्तभ Ex:  We'll live in love and peace from this day on . चित्तयोनि Ex:  This night was made for love . चित्तराग Ex:  I really think that he wanted to make love to me . चेतोजन्मा Ex:  She did not want to make love to him . छो Ex:  I love the way you smile at me . जराभीत, जराभीरु Ex:  " She answered "Go home and love your family". जरार्भस Ex:  Because of his lifelong love of theatre झषकेतु Ex:  Freyja — the goddess of love Ex:  In his eulogy, James Stewart said: "You know, I just love Grace Kelly. ठल्लपु० Ex:  It is said Chaplin fell madly in love with her and asked her to marry him. तुच्छय Ex:  Fonda replied "I'd love to". पंचबान Ex:  The love song "Make You Feel My Love" has been covered by Garth Brooks पंचशर Ex:  I love Seize the Day". पंचसर Ex:  He also fell in love with Aloysia Weber पंचौबान Ex:  Dante had already fallen in love with another girl, Beatrice Portinari . परिष्टि Ex:  The Vita Nuova contains many of Dante's love poems in Tuscan पसंद आना Ex:  "The more the honor and love of Christ increases among men पसंद करना Ex:  Leigh told him that she was in love with Finch पसंदोदगी Ex:  God is referred to as a source of love पुष्पकेतन Ex:  Pregnant with Asclepius, Coronis fell in love with Ischys, son of Elatus. पुष्पचाप Ex:  It is for those who tried to love God and others पुष्पधनुस् Ex:  He was quoted as saying, "I love deadlines. पुष्पधन्वा Ex:  Wilde returned to Dublin, where he met and fell in love with Florence Balcombe. पुष्पध्वज Ex:  The king, too, falls in love with Imoinda. पुष्पपत्री Ex:  Lucy Lockitt, is in love with him. पुष्पवाण Ex:  Callas and the London public had what she herself called "a love affair" पुष्पशर Ex:  Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty पुष्पशरासन Ex:  The Babylonians named Phosphorus after their goddess of love पुष्पास्र Ex:  Although Godwin felt that he was portraying his wife with love प्रणय Ex:  Twain claimed to have fallen in love at first sight. उ:   प्रणय मूलतः संस्कृत का शब्द है। प्रद्युम्नक Ex:  "They'll love it everyplace," replies Desmond firmly. प्रसूनेषु Ex:  The young Queen Victoria fell in love with Ireland प्रियतमा Ex:  He realizes he has now fallen in love with Natasha. प्रीतडी Ex:  I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. प्रीतमा Ex:  Kleindienst told me, 'Pat, I love you for that. प्रेम लीला Ex:  He demonstrated his love of driving in his science fiction short story प्रेमभाव Ex:  Those degradations re-educate them to love only Big Brother and The Party. प्रैय Ex:  They agree to love each other for that one moment प्लुक्षि Ex:  There are also dances of love and courting प्लुष Ex:  I was totally in love with Larry when I was 21". प्‍यार Ex:  Leigh told him that she was in love with Finch बंछा Ex:  Georgians are renowned for their love of music, dance, theatre and cinema. बछलता Ex:  In this view the emotions - love बधित्र Ex:  The Almohad Caliph Abu Yakub had a great love for collecting books. बारिचर केतु Ex:  Troilus tries to keep his love secret. बितन Ex:  In Guido, Troilus' and Diomedes' love is now called Briseida. बिदेह Ex:  Most obvious is that Troilus' love is now called Criseida or Cressida. बेँदी Ex:  A feature already present in the treatments of the love story by Chaucer भस्मगात्र Ex:  Picasso included declarations of his love for Eva in many Cubist works. मकरकेतन Ex:  "won me over with love मकरकेतु Ex:  Reflecting the challenges of love in Brilliant Disguise मकरध्वज Ex:  The final and last stage is one of union with the object of love मकरपति Ex:  She explains that when she first met and fell in love with him in Paris मकरलांछन Ex:  For now, in doing so, he is not just solving a love triangle. मच्छअसवारी Ex:  The latter track is one of the Floyd's very few acoustic love songs. मदराग Ex:  And people would love it. मधुदीप Ex:  Why was it so? Was it for the love of the loaf? Not at all . मधुसख Ex:  A Christian must love not only friends, but even his enemies मधुसहाय Ex:  A love statuette मधुसारथि Ex:  A shared love, a mutual love मधुसुहृद् Ex:  A worn passion, a love cooled down by the time मधुहेतु Ex:  Absolutely love it to spend मनसिशय Ex:  Absolutely love Old men to tell मनोमथन Ex:  Absolutely love to build, to build मनोराग Ex:  Absolutely Loving caring, love the work मनोवल्लभा Ex:  AMANT, ANTE, once meant one, the one that has love for a person of another gender मन्मथ Ex:  and then it is used to describe two people united together by love or marriage मन्मन Ex:  and, by comparison, a rich man, a very rich man who has love for the poor point माडल Ex:  Examination of Benoît's and Guido's treatment of the love triangle. मानसजन्मा Ex:  Influential work on the literature of courtly love मापत्य Ex:  Goethe fell in love with Friederike Brion but मीनकेतन Ex:  Buckley developed a love for music मीनकेतु Ex:  The group Kiss captured the love for rock music in Detroit Rock City. मीनध्वज Ex:  Much was also made over his apparent lack of a love life मुर्मुर Ex:  The word is of Greek origin: φιλοσοφία , meaning love of wisdom. मुहब्बत Ex:  Upset that he cannot marry for love उ:   लेकिन मैंने संगीत से मुहब्बत की और इसीलिए मैं ज़िंदा हूं। मुहिर Ex:  Chekhov also enjoyed a series of love affairs, one with the wife of a teacher. मृत्यु Ex:  *amare habeo, literally "to love I have". उ:   पर सुइयां न लगने पर भी उसकी मृत्यु निश्चित् थी। मैन Ex:  The questions mainly dealt with love and health उ:   इस तरह उन्होंने पहली बार वनडे में मैन ऑफ द मैच का पुरस्कार जीता। यौवनोद्भव Ex:  be attached to his benefit, his interests, his love too much profit, interests रतिकांत Ex:  By extension, he said, particularly texts selected to develop art and the love of reading in children रतिनाथ Ex:  By extension, love adventures, chasing adventures रतिनायक Ex:  Cato made himself known by his early love of liberty रतिपति Ex:  Children love , Child Natural रतिप्रिय Ex:  Conjugal love रतिभाव Ex:  Constant in love, in his love रतिरमण Ex:  Discourse on the passions of love रतिरांज Ex:  do something for the love of God रतिराई Ex:  Do you love each other रतिवर Ex:  Doing something for the love of God रवीषु Ex:  Engage in a little love justified रागरज्जु Ex:  Feeling that makes you love a person with commitment, which likes to something that carries it ardently रालना Ex:  Frequent, love the world रुचि Ex:  Giving love उ:   वास्तव में नई कविता नई रुचि का प्रतिबिंब है। रुचिता Ex:  Giving up love रुपास्त्र Ex:  God commands us to love लक्ष्मीपुत्र Ex:  He brings to the company a spirit of conciliation which generally love लगालगी Ex:  He died of love for that woman लगाव होना Ex:  He fell in love with this woman लोकाक्ष Ex:  He is in love to madness वरीषु Ex:  He is in love with painting वशन Ex:  He is in love with tables वशिक Ex:  He is in love with this woman, and she's in love with him वसंतयोध Ex:  He made love to all women वसंतसखा Ex:  He married for love वसतबंधु Ex:  He pretends to love her, but secretly he hates This वात्सल्य Ex:  He said specifically Speaking of love Jealousy caused उ:   वात्सल्य रस को दसवाँ एवं भक्ति को ग्यारहवाँ रस भी माना गया है। वारिचरकेतु Ex:  He said usually a physical and moral depression Kind caused by the fatigue of the mind, by the pains of the soul, and mainly those from love विजिह्म Ex:  He spoke to her of love विशीर्णमूर्ति Ex:  Her love turned into hatred विषमबाण Ex:  His hatred, his love has long brooded in her heart विषमशर Ex:  His heart would soon know the love विषयायी Ex:  His love for this woman goes to worship शंबरसूदन Ex:  His love seemed to revive with more force शिक्दुम Ex:  I love her with all my heart शिखिमृत्यु Ex:  I love it शून्य Ex:  I love it उ:   शून्य में शून्य जोड़ने पर शून्य प्राप्त होता है। श्रीज Ex:  I love my home श्रीनंदन Ex:  I love this dish, I'm drunk श्रीपुत्र Ex:  I love this franchise ton श्रृंगारजन्मा Ex:  I want to love you that it was possible for me संकल्पज Ex:  I would love to stay, but it has to me from संकल्पप्भव Ex:  If mortified for the love of God संकल्पयोनि Ex:  immolate his love of duty संप्रीति Ex:  In I love God, I obey my teachers, The book of Peter, God, to my teachers and Pierre are the supplements I like to I obeyed, of the book संसारगुरु Ex:  Indifference is particularly said in speaking of a person who is not sensitive to love समरु Ex:  It absolutely told of Him, of that love working सर्वतापन Ex:  It also means Which deals with love सर्वधन्वी Ex:  It also said some human feelings such as love for his parents, respect for the dead, etc सिनेह Ex:  It became his love affairs सिफर Ex:  It burns with love सुमनसधुज Ex:  It does not like it, love it सुमसायक Ex:  It extremely love you सुरभिबाण Ex:  It is also said I do not care to express that the two things in question, the two parties proposed, we do not love one more than the other सुरसुंदर Ex:  It is also said to Someone a love that suddenly ignites सुश्लेष Ex:  It is ardently in love with this woman सूनशर Ex:  It is said ironically For the love of God, to express that something is made or given against the heart, or is poorly done सून्य Ex:  It is sometimes said of the object we love passionately स्टैंडर्ड Ex:  It is the business of the world that I love as स्नेह Ex:  It is, specifically, a person who is not sensitive to love उ:   तुमसे मुझे बड़ा स्नेह हो गया है। स्नेहय Ex:  It means Movement also heart leads you to love someone स्नेहाकूट Ex:  It says figuratively excessive love for a person or a thing स्नैग्ध्य Ex:  It should be enough to love yourself to avoid any excess स्मरणभू Ex:  It This land has also said no love, no love is स्मृतिजात Ex:  It was done for the love of God स्मृतिभू Ex:  It was given this for the love of God स्वांतक Ex:  Languid love स्वादुधन्वा Ex:  love हिँछना ‡ Ex:  love हिंछना ‡ Ex:  Love one you dance? I love it हीँछना Ex:  love to play, hunt, walking हीछना Ex:  Loving good piece, love good food हुब Ex:  Loving is the infinitive of the verb I love is this हृच्छय Ex:  Loving to take precedence, love to appear more than others, to rule over them हृदयनिकेत Ex:  madly in love हृदयनिकेतन Ex:  Making love to someone, or make absolutely love हृदयेशा Ex:  Man is made to love to know and
As verb : अपह्नव Ex:  Youngsters today love obscene literature. अभिप्रणय Ex:  I do love cardamom अभिमानित Ex:  I love my girl friend. अभिष्वंग Ex:  Mother love her kids. अविद्वेष Ex:  I love to read anecdotes published in `Readers Digest. आशिकी Ex:  she likes to watch `I love Lucy reruns उ:   लेकिन उन्हें आशिकी ने सुपरस्टार बना दिया। आसग Ex:  The theater was her first love इखलास Ex:  Germans love their fatherland. उपजोष Ex:  The one who gets mother love is fortunate. उपधानक Ex:  Beauty and love are abstracts. उपलालन Ex:  My children love to eat crackers with cheese. छुवाव Ex:  I love to play Ping-Pong . छो Ex:  I love the way you smile at me . जोष Ex:  Domestic cats, especially young kittens, are known for their love of play. डाँड़ामेँड़ा Ex:  1921. Chaplin admitted that he "was not in love निषेवन Ex:  Freewheelin' also included a mixture of love songs and jokey परेम Ex:  True love of the Church पिंम ‡ Ex:  Hemingway fell in love with her पिरम्म Ex:  Apollo also fell in love with Cassandra प्रत्यासंग Ex:  "They'll love it in Pomona," observes Gillis. प्रियार्ह Ex:  Pierre finds love at last and प्रीतिय Ex:  It is generally believed that the two were deeply in love प्रेम Ex:  The Romans would later name the planet in honor of their goddess of love उ:   प्रेम पत्र १९६२ में बनी हिन्दी भाषा की फिल्म है। प्रैय Ex:  They agree to love each other for that one moment प्लुक्षि Ex:  There are also dances of love and courting प्लुष Ex:  I was totally in love with Larry when I was 21". मनोराग Ex:  Absolutely Loving caring, love the work मितपन Ex:  The concern with his health and weight was balanced by his love of food मुहब्बत Ex:  Upset that he cannot marry for love उ:   लेकिन मैंने संगीत से मुहब्बत की और इसीलिए मैं ज़िंदा हूं। मोह Ex:  Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando Furioso engendered prose narratives of love उ:   मोह का दमन पर केवल ज्ञान की प्राप्ति नहीं होना। रणरणक Ex:  be transported love रतिभाव Ex:  Constant in love, in his love रतिवल्ली Ex:  E is closed in foot, nose, love , happy, etc रुसख Ex:  Having the taste, feeling, love of the beautiful लगालगी Ex:  He died of love for that woman लगाव Ex:  He has found the way to his heart, he has touched that person, he has managed to make her love him उ:   बालक जग्‍गी को प्रकृति से खूब लगाव था। वावस्तगी Ex:  He spends his life making love श्लिष्टि Ex:  I would love to see you in my place; I would love to see you there संराग Ex:  In terms of theology, he also told of God's love for man even संसंग Ex:  In this job, he said, particularly of the Passion of love संहिति Ex:  Inspiring love सन्निबध Ex:  It a mania, love of the समासंग Ex:  It also means love Become समुगपगम Ex:  It also means love to be in a place, find it well स्नेहप्रवृत्ति Ex:  It literate love antiquity स्नेहाकूट Ex:  It says figuratively excessive love for a person or a thing स्वांतक Ex:  Languid love हुब Ex:  Loving is the infinitive of the verb I love is this हृच्छय Ex:  Loving to take precedence, love to appear more than others, to rule over them हेमखेम Ex:  Man of the world Man frequent and love world, which has the ways
Other : इश्क़ Ex:  It is a love triangle. चाहत Ex:  I love reading comic books. उ:   इस तरह के द्वन्द्व में दोनों ही लक्ष्यों की प्राप्ति की चाहत होती है। छोह Ex:  His life was filled with love of God, his family and his country". देशप्रेम होना Ex:  Romeo is in love with Rosaline, who has refused all of his advances. पसन्द करना Ex:  Failing to love God and his neighbor प्यार करना Ex:  He fell in love with his landlady's daughter प्यार Ex:  Sonnets are particularly associated with love poetry उ:   माँ-बाप का प्यार असीमित होता है। प्रीति Ex:  Kierkegaard wrote about his love for Regine: On 8 September उ:   सबसे छोटी पुत्री प्रीति दुबे हैं। प्रेम करना Ex:  Inspired by Clapton's then-unrequited love for Pattie Boyd मोहब्बत Ex:  Most Somali music is love oriented. उ:   मोहब्बत ज़िंदग़ी है १९६६ में बनी हिन्दी भाषा की फिल्म है। रति Ex:  Burning, languishing, dying of love उ:   रति उन्हें बड़े भाव और लजीली दृष्टि से देखती थी। राग Ex:  feel love उ:   वसंत राग पर चित्र भी बनाए गए हैं। श्रृंगार Ex:  I love you neither more nor less than if I were your brother उ:   श्रृंगार और वीर उनके मुख्य रस थे। सौहार्द Ex:  It is sometimes said to Make love foolishly उ:   दोनों में परम सौहार्द तथा मैत्री की भावना का साम्राज्य विराजता है। स्नेह रखना Ex:  It is up to the girl, he is in love with
Love ki paribhasha : vah sukh jo kisi isht vastu ko dekhane ya paane se hota hai achaar ya piyaar naam ka vraksh jisaka bij chiraunji hai maaang kaan ka ek aabhooshan stri purush ke snyog ki prerana karane vaala ek pauraanik devata jisaki stri rati, saathi basnta, vaahan kokila, astr phoolon ka dhanush baan hai vah jisase grnth ka abhipraay jhalak jaay kaamashaastr ke anusaar ek prakaar ka aalingan jisamen naayika naayak ke saamane usake ghutane par baithakar use gale se lagaate hai lene ya paane ki ichchha prakat karana ek prakaar ka raag jo hanumat ke mat se hindol raag ka putr hai vah manovratti jisake anusaar kisi vastu ya vyakti aadi ke snbndh men yah ichchha hoti hai ki vah sada hamaare paas ya hamaare saath rahe, usaki vraddhi, unnati ya hit hi athava ham usaka bhog karen

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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