Loyalty meaning in hindi | Loyalty ka matlab 

Loyalty meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Loyalty 
Usage of Loyalty: 1: Their loyalty exceeds their national bonds 2: He has unswerving loyalty to his master. 3: He has a fierce loyalty for his mother. 4: In some circumstances it is expedient to express loyalty 5: He reaffirmed his loyalty to his boss. 6: He proved his loyalty to him by sticking to him during his hard period. 7: A profession of loyalty is to be accepted. 8: I promised not to falter in my loyalty . 9: We swore our loyalty to our country . 10: He quickly secured the loyalty of the city
Loyalty ki paribhasha : raaja ya raajy ke prati bhakti ya prem vah vibhaag jo rekha dvaara kiya gaya ho svaami ke prati anuraag evn bhakti jo lenaden ya vyavahaar men sachcha ho vah dhaarana jo man men kisi vyakti ke prati usaka sadbhaava, hitaishitaa, satyataa, dradhata aadi athava kisi siddhaant aadi ki satyata athava uttamata ka gyaan hone ke kaaran hoti hai mitr ya svaami ka tana, mana, dhan se saath nibhaana dharmaguru ya bade aadi ke prati shraddha bhakti

Loyalty synonyms
fidelity fealty patriotism honesty support allegiance obedience reliability sincerity adherence tie integrity honor devotion duty truthfulness earnestness incorruptibility homage probity scrupulousness attachment ardor conscientiousness constancy submission singleness zeal resolution uprightness steadfastness troth bond inviolability trustworthiness single-mindedness trueness subjection trustiness staunchness devotedness trueheartedness
Loyalty antonyms
disloyalty treachery dishonesty disgrace dishonor faithlessness indifference unfaithfulness lying inconstancy undependability 
Usage of Loyalty in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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