Majesty meaning in hindi | Majesty ka matlab 

Majesty meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Majesty 
Usage of Majesty: 1: The sheer majesty of the mountain scenery from this point is unbelievable.. 2: Accusations of lese majesty are often politically motivated. 3: Do not you admire the majesty of this building? It is also a particular title we give to emperors, kings, empresses, queens 4: It is especially said of the united power to the majesty 5: Music With majesty 6: The blessed see God face to face, see God in all the majesty His glory 7: The majesty 8: The majesty altars 9: The majesty laws 10: The majesty of the Roman Empire, the Roman people
Majesty ki paribhasha : adhik aavashyak ya parinaamajanak braahmana, guru, dharmaachaary ya aur kisi poojy ke liye ek savodhan chhndaःshaastr men guru hone ka bhaav ya sthiti divy ya alaukik shakti jisake antargat animaa, mahimaa, garimaa, ladhimaa, praapti, praakaamya, ishitv aur vashitv ye aath siddhiyaaan hain bala, paraakram aadi mahatv ka aisa prabhaav jisake kaaran upadravi ya virodhi shaant rahen aath siddhiyon men se ek siddhi jisase saadhak apana bojh chaahe jitana bhaari kar sakata hai

Majesty synonyms
greatness illustriousness nobility stateliness supremacy sovereignty divine right
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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