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Make good meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Make good 
Usage of Make good: 1: I hope I make good as a teacher . 2: We must make good this lag in 10 years. 3: Flat missed, A dish that the cook was not able to make good 4: Good accounts make good friends 5: Make feast, make good cheer, make a table of debauchery 6: , Good accounts make good friends

Make good synonyms
accomplish score flourish thrive become famous make it make the grade reach the top reimburse atone repay reward commit indemnify remunerate come down with shell out guerdon take care of pay up plank out pony up tickle the palm execute finish end halt finalize conclude perform develop wrap up settle determine close achieve perfect crown equip effectuate actualize elaborate cap terminate supplement consummate refine fulfill discharge furnish make up round off ultimate wind up bring to fruition bring to maturity call it a day carry off do thoroughly get through go the limit go through with go whole hog put to bed round out sew up certify uphold affirm verify explain substantiate back sign corroborate establish endorse approve support attest buy okay debunk underpin bless subscribe vouch authenticate sanction warrant check witness bear out check out thumbs up circumstantiate double-check give green light give high sign give stamp of approval give the go-ahead give the nod lap up make sure rubber-stamp sign off on size up offset insure balance relieve counterbalance substitute double for make up for stand in for take over take the rap for advance climb get on outdo outmaneuver overtake progress surpass be successful do well leave behind resolve enforce carry out materialize enable invoke bring about make possible provide the means put into effect rationalize vindicate defend advocate favor countenance maintain sustain validate condone contend claim alibi palliate pardon crawl clear legalize absolve exculpate brief assert excuse acquit plead rebut exonerate answer for cop a plea apologize for argue for be answerable for do justice to make allowances show cause speak in favor stand up for blossom bloom multiply flower augment batten rise yield increase benefit produce gain fatten hit the jackpot make out catch on be enriched bear fruit become rich become wealthy do wonders fare well feather nest get there go places go to town grow rich hit it big make a killing make mark make money strike it rich turn out well bring off reify carry through corporealize make concrete make happen counterpoise countervail retrieve redress expiate return propitiate fix reciprocate grease retaliate equalize put out overcompensate ante up atone for cough up do business give satisfaction make amends pay for spring for sweeten the pot swing for regain get back repossess win back get out from under get well make redress for make well restore rescue resume salvage reclaim retake recruit recapture take back reoccupy rediscover bring back catch up obtain again reacquire replevin replevy remedy improve right scrub doctor reform launder debug adjust emend revise fix up go over pick up straighten out clean up clean up act dial back put right recalibrate shape up straighten up turn things around pay one's dues ransom purchase exchange cash defray reinstate buy off take in pay off repurchase buy back call in cash in trade in outweigh keep meet save abide by adhere to hold to keep the faith set off relinquish remit pay back give back honor a claim make repayment rejuvenate reinvigorate rebuild refurbish reconstruct reestablish convert renew recondition reintegrate reconstitute overhaul revive heal patch renovate revamp correct refresh do up patch up touch up compensate for darn retread fiddle with give a face-lift put back together put in order revenge respond restitution appease assuage reassure convince sell suffice serve quiet induce inveigle avail qualify observe come up to get by pass muster tide over comply with be adequate be enough be sufficient conform to dispel doubt keep promise put mind at ease serve the purpose win over liquidate disburse clear up make reparation triumph overcome prevail secure surmount profit outwit worst reap outdistance earn receive work conquer vanquish come off pull off do all right do the trick get to the top grow famous make a fortune make right set straight
Make good antonyms
languish disappear fail lose depart go leave penalize deprive fine forfeit damage take create ignore commence unsettle ruin miss neglect bear abandon begin introduce start continue open stop forget give up not finish contradict deny invalidate reject disprove disallow disapprove refuse veto refute annul destroy repudiate discredit confuse oppose disagree cancel void uncover unwrap disregard exclude lay bare lay out reveal leave alone fall behind prevent cease delay hinder pause halt desert condemn accuse blame damn punish sentence convict incriminate attack charge shrivel wither recede retreat retrogress decrease shrink decline worsen dissatisfy seize disproportion downslide harm injure mislay deteriorate wane break hurt corrupt upset hold keep let go weaken persist remain stay wreck kill spoil maintain dissuade request forgive pardon sympathize ask anger disappoint frustrate discontent owe give in surrender relinquish precede pass yield offer 
Usage of Make good in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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