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Make it meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Make it 
Usage of Make it: 1: I hope I make it someday . 2: The Embassy did not make it to Venice. 3: He can add so much, make it easier for the entire team". 4: Orm's book has a number of innovations that make it valuable. 5: Trujillo said that the songs "won't make it , at least not in that form". 6: Lagoons and deltas make it very irregular.

Make it synonyms
do finish score conclude perform win manage pull off bring about produce carry out realize achieve hit consummate gain bring off rack up take care of do a bang-up job do justice do one proud do the trick get someplace get there make hay nail it put it over sew up land appear visit turn up enter report show up alight access dismount buzz disembark barge in check in drop in pull in take place blow in bob up breeze in bust in clock in drop anchor fall by fall in get to hit town make the scene pop in pop up punch the clock roll in sign in sky in wind up at flourish thrive become famous make good make the grade reach the top earn secure obtain promote reap complete unzip acquire procure snag grasp come through accede to arrive at get fat get hands on glom onto latch onto catch haunt frequent be a guest be at be present be there come to light go to make an appearance punch in ring in sit in on time in advance pay assist serve favor further aid improve avail advantage profit relieve better succor build ameliorate pay off contribute to be good for do for one fill the bill make a killing work for commit may make out be capable of be equal to be up to can do could cut the mustard have it made be within one's area be within one's control lie in one's power materialize move happen occur burst flare originate near get in turn out be accessible be at disposal be convenient be handy be obtainable be ready close in draw near move toward spring in wrestle handle confront get by grapple endure survive suffer tussle buffet face dispatch struggle tangle encounter carry on battle with get a handle on live with make go of it pit oneself against rise to occasion struggle through hold one's own couple breed fornicate conjugate bed unite cohabit lay fool around make love be carnal do it go all the way go to bed have coition have relations have sex lie with sleep together sleep with act approach behave clear concern consider direct discuss oversee play review rid treat unburden use attend to behave toward conduct oneself cope with get a handle on something have to do with make a go of it see to enforce implement enact effectuate actuate buy sell render actualize cause begin invoke induce generate conceive yield initiate create bring on draw on get across carry through do a number do the job do to a t give rise to make waves pull it off put across turn the trick do one's thing shine transcend outdo exceed beat wax eclipse outshine outstrip surmount best predominate outrival be master of be proficient be skillful be talented go beyond go to town improve upon show talent take precedence prosecute meet transact administer percolate discharge govern administrate polish off bring to fruition earn wings put into effect put over put through sail through take care of business reside go on dwell kick consist inhere eke out a living stay alive conform perfect suffice please suit answer satisfy obey observe keep be just the ticket comply with hit the bull's-eye converge bring home the bacon be successful carry off come out on top cut it deliver the goods get to the top hit the mark last lead maintain remain continue get along breathe abide persist be alive draw breath have life remain alive feed fare support acquire a livelihood earn a living earn money make ends meet reign overcome triumph abound preponderate command conquer domineer overrule take off be common be current be prevalent be usual be victorious be widespread exist generally go great guns go places hit pay dirt luck out move out blossom bloom multiply flower augment batten bear increase progress fatten get on hit the jackpot do well catch on be enriched bear fruit become rich become wealthy do wonders fare well feather nest grow rich hit it big make mark make money strike it rich turn out well enable certify train entitle authorize empower permit commission sanction equip endow condition ground check out capacitate come up to snuff measure up earn one's wings overtake catch up to gain on get as far as sustain hang on hang tough scrape by barely exist eke out an existence hang in just make it ride out stick it out stick with it retrieve recover outwit worst outdistance possess receive vanquish come off do all right grow famous make a fortune withstand resist brave season expose acclimate harden toughen pull through get through bear the brunt of bear up against become toughened grow hardened grow strong rise above come through with flying colors come up to scratch do credit to find favor with meet with approval pass inspection prove acceptable recommend itself satisfy requirements stand the test stand up
Make it antonyms
destroy commence forfeit nullify relinquish fail lose miss neglect begin introduce start halt stop leave abandon give up not finish hide conceal disappear depart go languish ignore surrender misunderstand desert give in spend hurt yield disregard be lazy be absent decrease hinder thwart block impede obstruct injure worsen handicap harm hire employ cannot dissuade recede retreat discourage refuse hold keep uncouple abstain refrain divide separate mismanage prevent ruin deny disallow veto close forget overlook fall behind be inferior cease create shirk cancel bear die dissatisfy anger displease take upset overtake overthrow misconstrue calm soothe pass discontinue quit not use follow shrivel wither retrogress shrink decline reject disqualify be lenient be unprepared precede offer soften 
Usage of Make it in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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