Malaise meaning in hindi | Malaise ka matlab 

Malaise meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Malaise 
Usage of Malaise: 1: There are signs of a creeping malaise in our office. 2: IL-6 and TNF-Alpha cytokines produce fatigue and malaise 3: Africa's economic malaise is self-perpetuating 4: be hurt in the process, feeling malaise 5: It also means discomfort, malaise caused the need for action or talk when no one knows what to do or say 6: It is said, by analogy, a stop of activity, of a more or less permanent malaise in business 7: Put in a state of discomfort, physical or moral malaise 8: state medicine indisposition, malaise which is the forerunner of illness 9: The family lives in a perpetual malaise 10: There is a general malaise in the country
Malaise ki paribhasha : aisi avastha jisamen kya kahana ya karana chaahie, yah na soojh pade

Malaise synonyms
doldrums anxiety pain angst weakness disquiet unease discomfort illness uneasiness despair debility distress decrepitude melancholy feebleness enervation lassitude infirmity unhealthiness infirmness sickliness
Malaise antonyms
happiness joy calmness health soundness healthiness ease peace comfort good health well-being cheer pleasure ability strength well being 
Usage of Malaise in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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