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Mapping meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mapping 
Usage of Mapping: 1: Define a mapping that takes any point to 2: Kitts as the result of a mapping error. 3: However, clients can also change this mapping at will. 4: Although better remembered for mapping the Moon 5: Here, k is a constant that represents a mapping between units. 6: Consider a topological manifold with charts mapping to Rn.

Mapping synonyms
calculating averaging rhyming leveling grading checking calibrating gauging scaling surveying aligning planning drawing projecting designing delimiting circumscribing tracing drafting girdling bounding delineating charting banding depicting diagramming plotting drawing up map develop prepare devise codify forge work out draw up define originate evolve concoct systematize particularize frame express contrive detail invent couch vamp compose indite hatch put phrase coin make cook up dream up make up give form to set down outline arrange display exhibit set out spread out organize represent sketch conspire shape ready engineer calculate scheme brainstorm blueprint contemplate meditate craft intrigue steer bargain for block out quarterback figure on figure out fix to lay in provisions line up make arrangements reckon on rough in delineate show reproduce record duplicate copy mark out
Mapping antonyms
disorganize destroy raze ruin halt stop hoard save neglect disarrange disorder ignore forget run away 
Usage of Mapping in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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