Melt meaning in hindi | Melt ka matlab 

Melt meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Melt 
Usage of Melt: 1: This cake is so good it'll melt in your mouth . 2: Emperor Menelik's army would begin to melt away. 3: Some cheeses, like raclette, melt smoothly 4: "precipitation at above-zero temperatures will melt 5: The dry snow zone is a region where no melt occurs, even in the summer. 6: In Antarctica, the snow does not melt even at sea level. 7: For instance, atomic theory implies that all metals melt at some temperature. 8: In the direct melt process 9: In the direct melt process 10: In the marble melt process
Melt ki paribhasha : paani, doodh aadi patali chijon men khool hil mil jaana daab pahuanchaakar ya ragad ke dvaara ekadil karana taap ke kaaran kisi ghan padaarth ka drav rup men hona kisi vastu ke snyojak anuon ko prathak prathak karake use narama, gila ya drav karana kisi kade padaarth ko garami pahuanchaakar drav rup men laana kisi padaarth ke ghanatv ka kam ya nasht hona

Melt synonyms
thaw disintegrate evaporate soften heat warm fade vanish disappear deliquesce run evanesce render merge flow flux fuse disperse go cook diffuse pass away smelt waste away touch mollify relent disarm forgive relax become lenient show mercy
Melt antonyms
coagulate condense solidify freeze cool appear arrive stop divide separate fight worry increase agitate 
Usage of Melt in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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