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Merciful meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Merciful 
As adjective : आनृशंस Ex:  He is a very merciful person. करमफरमा Ex:  sought merciful treatment for the captives करुणानिधान Ex:  He will do so, however, in a righteous and merciful way". करुणानिधि Ex:  God is infinite, eternal, immutable, omnipotent, all good, all merciful करुणापर Ex:  God is merciful toward sinners करुणावान Ex:  It particularly means merciful God who makes us करुणाशील Ex:  It particularly means merciful God who makes us करूणाकर Ex:  MERIT also means What makes merciful God for us in this sense, the plural is also usual that the singular क्लिन्नहृद् घृणालु घृती दयाकर दयालु उ:   सरल मन और दयालु ह्रदय इनकी विशेषता है। दयाशील धिष्णय प्रसादस्थ भावाव मुशफिक मेहरबान शुभोदय साधुधी सानुक्रोश सुम्नी सौभाग्यपूर्ण
Other : कृपालु Ex:  Show yourself merciful this time दयामय दयावान नरम उ:   लिम्बरगर चीज़, एक नरम सफेद चीज़ जिसमें तीव्र गंध और स्वाद होता है।

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Merciful synonyms

humanitarian kindly compassionate charitable lenient forgiving humane gracious beneficent benign bleeding heart clement condoning easygoing feeling forbearing generous gentle indulgent liberal mild pitiful soft softhearted sympathetic tender tenderhearted tolerant benignant pitying all heart heart in right place pardoning

Merciful antonyms

uncompassionate unsympathetic cruel hateful merciless unkind unmerciful ungiving hard harsh mean inhumane severe unforgiving

Usage of Merciful in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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