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Merry meaning in hindi

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As adjective : अखिन्न अखेद अनवद्यांग अभिनंद अभिरुप असेचन, असेचनक आत्तमना आनन्दपूर्ण आन्ंदकर आह्लादी उत्पुलक उद्धर उपारत उल्लाघ कंतु खुर्शद खुशनूद खुसी खूबसूरत गुलफा़म गुलरू जर्राफ जिं़दादिल डहडहा थाँटा नडह नमस निर्वृत परीजमाल प्रमुदित प्रसंन प्रसन्न प्रसन्नचित्त प्रसादस्थ प्रह्ल प्रह्लन्न फरहर ‡ फल्लित बिहसिन महजूज मुग्ध मुदित मुलकित मोदित रँगीला रँभोरु, रंभोरू रमणीय रसात्मक रुपवती रुपी लगड लटह लड़ह वरप्रद विकुर्वाणा विचत्र विनिंद विनोदित विवद्धिंत शंयु शादमान शिगुफ्ता शिवगति श्रंथित श्रीमत् संप्रीत संप्रीतिमत् सकलदार सभाजित समोद सम्मदी सरभस सुखपर सुखभाक्, सुखभाग् सुखभुक् सुखारीपु सुममस्क सोच्छ्वास सोत्सव हँसोड़ हर्षगर्भ हर्षभाक् हर्षान्वित हर्षाविष्ट हासशील हृष्टसंकल्प हेर्षी ह्लन्न
Usage of Merry: 1: The merry go round whirled suddenly. 2: "That he would make amelancholy man merry 3: Choosing a short life and good, said of a man who leads a merry life, who eats his fortune and ruin his health 4: Go its merry way, Vaquer to his business, continue its business quietly and dull 5: Go its small merry way, Do not turn away from conduct which began keeping 6: He wants to make it short and good, said of a man who leads a merry life, who eats his fortune and ruin his health 7: He who knows the art of making good food or Who likes to make merry 8: If brighten on behalf of someone, make merry at his expense, Afford jokes about her 9: It is also used in everyday language to designate a merry dance and tumultuous 10: Say a merry
Merry ki paribhasha : jo pratyek dasha men aanndit rahe

Merry synonyms
pleasant winsome enjoyable mad joyous sunny rollicking jolly cheerful lively hilarious amusing comical joyful glad lighthearted blithe boisterous boon carefree convivial entertaining facetious frolicsome funny gay gleeful humorous jocund jumping mirthful perky riotous sportive uproarious vivacious wild zippy blithesome unconstrained fun-loving grooving larking rip-roaring rocking saturnalian zappy zingy
Merry antonyms
unpleasant upset tragic sorrowful disagreeable unhappy gloomy serious solemn sad depressed grave unfunny 
Usage of Merry in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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