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Mini meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mini 
Usage of Mini: 1: Its large lake in the middle once staged mini naval battles to amuse royalty 2: Former products include the compact iPod mini and the spin-off iPod photo . 3: Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi, in what was described as mini "Brest" 4: They are the upgraded iMac and the entry-level Mac mini desktop models
Mini ki paribhasha : jo badai ya vistaar men kam ho

Mini synonyms
dwarf petite midget minute babyish youthful clone brain calculator adding machine artificial intelligence data processor number cruncher personal computer laptop minicomputer cpu pc mainframe abacus microcomputer analog digital electronic brain thinking machine bantam button pocket pint-sized peewee bitsy bitty pocket-sized undersize trim dainty minor secondary bush-league insignificant lesser neat small-time minor-league second rate small-fry scant insufficient slight meager limited infant short infinitesimal young brief toy snub peanut junior cramped elfin embryonic fleeting hasty immature imperceptible microscopic short-lived skimpy sparse stubby stunted undeveloped wizened inappreciable inconsiderable undersized hardly any not big not large shrimpy shriveled truncated model reduced scaled-down itsy-bitsy itty-bitty minikin small-scale puny trivial petticoat dress hoop kilt sarong dirndl pannier midi culottes tutu poor paltry modest narrow scanty petty trifling humble inadequate inconsequential picayune piddling pitiful unpretentious scrubby runty minimum negligible minuscular pee-wee yea big pygmy
Mini antonyms
enormous giant huge immense large big important tall rough adequate sufficient older massive magnificent magnanimous open-minded fat lengthy long substantial great inside interior middle center wealthy unlimited unrestricted consequential useful distinguished excellent famous benevolent broad-minded considerate kind rich thick significant liberal wide generous fine giving untrivial gigantic vast 
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The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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