Minor meaning in hindi | Minor ka matlab 

Minor meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Minor 
As adjective : नाबालिग
Usage of Minor: 1: I noticed a few minor inconsistencies in his argument. 2: A minor indispostion in a person disturbs all the family members. 3: He goes off the tangent at his subordinates even on very minor problems. 4: Reema can treat minor ailments. 5: He was still a minor when he performed the fabulous deed. 6: The minor skirmishes foreshadowed a major war. 7: The dictionary is being reprinted with minor addition. 8: Some of his remarks are minor aggravations for her. 9: A person is accounted minor until he/she is 18 years. 10: He suffered two minor strokes at the 2000 Republican National Convention
Minor ki paribhasha : jo badai ya vistaar men kam ho ek kaavyaalnkaar jisamen chittavratti ko sookshm cheshta se lakshit karaane ka varnan hota hai .... knduk hasta, ashvini aurn pushy ye tinon nakshatr jo jyotish men chhote maane gae hai aur jinaka gan laghugan kaha gaya hai jo apani puri avastha ko na pahuancha ho

Minor synonyms
petty slight inconsequential lesser unimportant negligible trivial secondary dinky minus dependent accessory low subordinate subsidiary junior inferior trifling bush-league casual paltry piddling small-time smaller tacky two-bit inconsiderable below the mark second-string small-fry younger boy juvenile adolescent infant youth youngster child baby girl teenager lad underage schoolgirl schoolboy little one
Minor antonyms
consequential useful worthwhile chief adult greater large important major significant big superior strong necessary 
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The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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