Mischievous meaning in hindi | Mischievous ka matlab 

Mischievous meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mischievous 
Usage of Mischievous: 1: A mischievous but lovable child 2: A mischievous but lovable child 3: Susie also has a mischievous streak 4: Despite his illnesses, he was a hyperactive and often mischievous young man. 5: A little mischievous 6: A mischievous child 7: A mischievous little face, fun 8: A mischievous little face, fun 9: adjectively, This child is mischievous 10: dissipated and too mischievous
Mischievous ki paribhasha : nyaay men hetu, vyabhichaar aadi doshon se yukt gaayab ya lupt honevaala svaasthy men truti ya baadha pahuanchaanevaala ishvar ke samaan sanmaarg ka virodh karanevaali shakti ya devata jo sada kuchh na kuchh upadrav karata rahe

Mischievous synonyms
naughty impish sly rude malicious playful arch artful bad bothersome damaging dangerous deleterious destructive detrimental foxy frolicsome harmful hazardous holy terror hurtful ill injurious insidious irksome malignant nocuous perilous pernicious precarious puckish rascal risky sinful spiteful sportive teasing tricky troublesome vexatious vicious wayward dickens exasperating ill-behaved misbehaving rascally vexing
Mischievous antonyms
kind obedient behaved good nice 
Usage of Mischievous in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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