Mistake meaning in hindi | Mistake ka matlab 

Mistake meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mistake 
Usage of Mistake: 1: The tailor made a mistake in the measurement. 2: I am sorry for the mistake 3: I got a scolding from her, for doing the same mistake again and again. 4: I got a scolding from her, for doing the same mistake again and again. 5: he is capitalizing on her mistake 6: I made a mistake again . 7: I was left at the movie theater by mistake . 8: I made a mistake and I am really sorry about it . 9: Don't tell me that I have made a mistake . 10: It would be a mistake to praise Warhol for the design of his boxes
Mistake ki paribhasha : kisi chij ya baat ko kuchh ka kuchh samajhana kisi kaaran se kuchh ko kuchh jaanana aur kuchh ka kuchh karana

Mistake synonyms
omission misstep aberration fault lapse miscalculation blunder inaccuracy snafu confusion gaffe misconception oversight inadvertence misapplication delusion slip trip misapprehension illusion misinterpretation slight solecism misstatement muddle blooper fluff erratum flub bungle neglect false step faux pas slipup typographical error misjudgment boo-boo misprint overestimation underestimation false move slip of tongue misread miscalculate overlook confuse misjudge underestimate misconstrue goof miscount botch addle omit misconceive confound snarl fail jumble tangle misapprehend overestimate be off the mark be wrong deceive oneself get wrong have wrong impression make a mess misdeem misknow miss the boat not know put foot in slip up take for
Mistake antonyms
success soundness perfection accuracy reality remembrance correctness correction certainty fact truth respect calculation proof understanding accomplish achieve interpret do well succeed fix clear up be sure comprehend perceive uncomplicate be certain 
Usage of Mistake in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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