Mockery meaning in hindi | Mockery ka matlab 

Mockery meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mockery 
Usage of Mockery: 1: A bloody mockery 2: A cold mockery 3: After started playing game, he lost a hundred thousand francs; it goes mockery 4: Also said, figuratively, popularly and mockery of anyone to whom it happened an accident, or who is threatened 5: In mockery they spent, they came to high words 6: It does not say much in the colloquial language and a kind of mockery 7: It is a mockery to offer a hundred francs for such work 8: It is familiar and does not say that a kind of mockery by 9: It still means the object of ridicule, mockery 10: It's a cold mockery
Mockery ki paribhasha : vah jo sachchaa, khara ya asal na ho balki asal ko dekhakar roopa, rnga, aakrati aadi men usi ke anusaar banaaya gaya ho rngamnch men pichhe ka vah sthaan jahaaan nat log vesharachana karate hain

Mockery synonyms
farce travesty sham caricature deception burlesque lampoon sport imitation jest butt laughingstock spoof mimicry pretense mock send-up take-off scorn derision ridicule contempt disdain scoffing jeer contumely gibe disparagement
Mockery antonyms
honesty solemnity flattery praise openness truth seriousness respect admiration compliment commendation approval love 
Usage of Mockery in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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