Mode meaning in hindi | Mode ka matlab 

Mode meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mode 
Usage of Mode: 1: switched from keyboard to voice mode 2: The game's multiplayer mode allows many more computer players 3: So it's a mode of thinking. 4: Realism is a primary mode in Watchmen 5: The TGV is a very safe mode of transport 6: Kernel mode consists of executive services 7: Kernel mode drivers exist in three levels: highest level drivers 8: In the normal editing mode 9: In the mode of The Son 10: Language is considered to be an exclusively human mode of communication
Mode ki paribhasha : jyotish men ek kraantipaat gati athava vishuvat ki us samay ki gati, jab din aur raat baraabar hote hain saahity men kisi vishay ka varnan karane men vishish padarachana arthaat varnon ki vah yojana jisase aaja, prasaad ya maadhury aata hai kisi padaarth ka vah gun jisaka bodh drashta vah chhota jalamaarg jo jal ke do bade bhaagon ko milaata ho

Mode synonyms
status style fashion tone form process quality technique system mechanism condition situation approach method procedure posture wise practice rule custom course state book plan vein nuts and bolts channels modus look rage cry thing mainstream convention chic now furor craze vogue dernier cri last word latest thing latest wrinkle
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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