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Word: Experiment

Meanings of Experiment in malayalam :

Noun Pareekshanam (പരീക്ഷണം) Nireekshanam (നിരീക്ഷണം) Parisheaadhana (പരിശോധന) Sookshmanireekshanam (സൂക്ഷ്‌മനിരീക്ഷണം) Verb Pareekshicchuneaakkuka (പരീക്ഷിച്ചുനോക്കുക) Prayeaagicchu neaakkuka (പ്രയോഗിച്ചു നോക്കുക) Pareekshicchu neaakkuka (പരീക്ഷിച്ചു നോക്കുക) Prayogapareekshanam (പ്രയോഗപരീക്ഷണം) Parishodhana (പരിശോധന)
Experiment definition
the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation
the testing of an idea
Ex: it was an experiment in living
a venture at something new or different
Ex: as an experiment he decided to grow a beard
to conduct a test or investigation, try out
Ex: 4 ..willingness to experiment in this musical field..
try something new, as in order to gain experience
Ex: Students experiment sexually
Related wordsExperiment - Pareekshanam (പരീക്ഷണം) Experimental - Anubhavaadhishdtithamaaya (അനുഭവാധിഷ്‌ഠിതമായ) Experimentally - Pareekshanaar‍ththam (പരീക്ഷണാര്‍ത്ഥം) Experimentation - Cheythuneaakkal‍ (ചെയ്‌തുനോക്കല്‍)
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