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Word: Failing

Meanings of Failing in malayalam :

Kuravu (കുറവ്) Thol‍vi (തോല്‍വി) Paraajayam (പരാജയം) Noun Kuravu (കുറവ്‌) Dooshyam (ദൂഷ്യം) Svabhaavavykalyam (സ്വഭാവവൈകല്യം) Aparaadham (അപരാധം) Deaasham (ദോഷം) Pizha (പിഴ) Chhidram (ഛിദ്രം) Preposition Abhaavatthil‍ (അഭാവത്തില്‍)
Failing definition
a flaw or weak point
Ex: he was quick to point out his wife' s failings
Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 30453
failure to reach a minimum required performance
Ex: his failing the course led to his disqualification
going from better to worse
below acceptable in performance
Ex: received failing grades
unable to meet financial obligations
Ex: a failing business venture
Related definition of Failing

kutiyarutthuka to make to inhabit 1 . Cause to settle , colonize ozhicchu poyetam ku . Kr . Dyvatthe ku . By study or devotion . 2 . To retain in a place . Njangale naattil‍ ku'tthi rakshippaan‍ kalpanayaakenam treat us so , as not to drive us out of the land . Njangale ku'tthaathe panatthinnu maathram mutticchaal‍ tr . Failing to secure peace . 3 . To restore a patrimony , to re-admit a dishonored vassal to his former honors by a ceremony v1 . Kuti yirutthuvaan‍ purappettu tr .

theraru tet/?/t/?/ụ (tu . Thelaa to go out of the way , thetta bad , t . Theraru to be perverse , fr . Thennu ka?) 1 . A slip , stumble , mistake prathikalemel‍ theraraakunnu mr . The fault is on their side . Theer‍ppu nerinnum nyaayatthinnum theraraakunnu against truth & justice . 2 . Something aside or out of order . Avanum njaanumaayi thammil‍ valare theraraakunnu mr . We are on bad terms . Randu panam the . Too little by 2 fanams ; failing to pay the whole amount ; a balance due etc . Theraril‍ poyininnu retired out of sight . Mruthyu therarilla dinanprathi atutthu varumallo bhg . Certainly . 3 . Throwing stones (= the ri) , fillipping marbles .

vn . Ii . Maravi = marathi , failing of memory .

Related wordsFailing - Kuravu (കുറവ്‌)
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