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Word: Foully

Meanings of Foully in malayalam :

Adjective Anyaayamaayi (അന്യായമായി) Anuchithamaayi (അനുചിതമായി) Malinamaayi (മലിനമായി) Ashuddhamaayi (അശുദ്ധമായി) Adverb Athidushtamaayi (അതിദുഷ്‌ടമായി) Anyaayamaayi (അന്യായമായി) Anuchithamaayi (അനുചിതമായി) Athidushtamaayi (അതിദുഷ്ടമായി) Malinamaayi (മലിനമായി) Ashuddhamaayi (അശുദ്ധമായി)
Foully definition
in an unfair and insulting manner
Ex: this internationally known writer was foully condemned by the Muslim fundamentalists
in a wicked and shameful manner
Ex: two policemen were foully murdered
Related wordsFoully - Anyaayamaayi (അന്യായമായി)
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