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Word: Horribly

Meanings of Horribly in malayalam :

Adjective Bheekaramaayi (ഭീകരമായി) Amithamaayi (അമിതമായി) Asukhakaramaayi (അസുഖകരമായി) Bhayaanakamaayi (ഭയാനകമായി) Daarunamaayi (ദാരുണമായി)
Horribly definition
of a dreadful kind
Ex: there was a dreadfully bloody accident on the road this morning
Related definition of Horribly

pekkolam 1 . A figure in devil's dress , scare-crow . Pe . Kondu pay . Horribly dressed out . 2 . Miserable appearance .

Related wordsHorribly - Bheekaramaayi (ഭീകരമായി)
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