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Word: Humiliation

Meanings of Humiliation in malayalam :

Noun Apamaanam (അപമാനം) Maanahaani (മാനഹാനി) Gar‍vvabhamgam (ഗര്‍വ്വഭംഗം) Maanabhamgam (മാനഭംഗം) Naanakketu (നാണക്കേട്‌) Paribhavam (പരിഭവം) Naanakketu (നാണക്കേട്)
Humiliation definition
strong feelings of embarrassment
state of disgrace or loss of self-respect
an instance in which you are caused to lose your prestige or self-respect
Ex: he had to undergo one humiliation after another
depriving one of self-esteem
Related definition of Humiliation

vn . Thaazhma &thaanma humiliation , disgrace ; humility .

Related wordsHumiliation - Apamaanam (അപമാനം)
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