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Word: Indignity

Meanings of Indignity in malayalam :

Avajnja (അവജ്ഞ) Paribhavam (പരിഭവം) Amar‍sham (അമര്‍ഷം) Noun Anaadaram (അനാദരം) Maanahaani (മാനഹാനി) Abhimaanabhamgam (അഭിമാനഭംഗം) Avamaanam (അവമാനം) Apamaanam (അപമാനം)
Indignity definition
an affront to one's dignity or self-esteem
Related definition of Indignity

naaniyakketu what is discreditable , an indignity ; (b . Also false coin) .

Related wordsIndignity - Anaadaram (അനാദരം)
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