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Word: Offense

Meanings of Offense in malayalam :

Noun Athyaachaaram (അത്യാചാരം) Maryaadaalamghanam (മര്യാദാലംഘനം) Kuttam (കുറ്റം) Akramam (അക്രമം) Dooshyam (ദൂഷ്യം) Kuttakruthyam (കുറ്റകൃത്യം) Dur‍vrutthi (ദുര്‍വൃത്തി)
Offense definition
a lack of politeness; a failure to show regard for others; wounding the feelings or others
(law,criminal law) a crime less serious than a felony
a feeling of anger caused by being offended
Ex: he took offence at my question
(sport) the team that has the ball (or puck) and is trying to score
(military) the action of attacking the enemy
Related wordsOffense - Athyaachaaram (അത്യാചാരം)
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