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Word: Somehow

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Enganeyeaa (എങ്ങനെയോ) Enthaayaalum (എന്തായാലും) Enganeyenkilum (എങ്ങനെയെങ്കിലും) Adverb Oru vidhatthil‍ (ഒരു വിധത്തില്‍) Ethenkilum prakaaratthil‍ (ഏതെങ്കിലും പ്രകാരത്തില്‍) Ethenkilum kaaranatthil‍ (ഏതെങ്കിലും കാരണത്തില്‍)
Somehow definition
in some unspecified way or manner; or by some unspecified means
Ex: they managed somehow
for some unspecified reason
Ex: It doesn' t seem fair somehow
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ii . The future has by itself the meaning of possibility , which is then transferred to the whole verb , cheyyaam i will do , may do . Aam enkil‍ if possible . Aamalla cannot . Aar‍kkum porukkaa valla gp . ; aakumvannam , aakunpole tr . Aakunnetattholam , aavitattholam as far as possible . — in the past: katakkumathinaayuthilla rc . Could not pass . Oruvannam aayathu cheythu njaan‍ bhr . Did somehow whatever was possible . Pe paranjeetinaal‍ aayavannam cg . — pres . Aakunnathaakil‍ cg . If possible . — chiefly with dat . & 2nd adv . Part . Namukketukkaam , we can take up , avar‍kketukkaavolam , vaazhtthuvaan‍ aa vor‍ illa , , cg . None able to praise , shesham cholvaan‍ pinne aam bhr . Paravathinaar‍kku maamalla bhr . (but also nom . Vellaam avar‍ka lum bhr . )

Related wordsSomehow - Enganeyeaa (എങ്ങനെയോ)
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