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Word: Sorely

Meanings of Sorely in malayalam :

Adjective Vishamamaayi (വിഷമമായി) Kadtinamaayi (കഠിനമായി) Duakhakaramaayi (ദുഃഖകരമായി) Theevramaayi (തീവ്രമായി) Kadtinavedanayulla (കഠിനവേദനയുള്ള) Adverb Kadtinavedanayeaate (കഠിനവേദനയോടെ) Vedanayeaate (വേദനയോടെ) Vedanayote (വേദനയോടെ) Valare (വളരെ) Ettam (ഏറ്റം)
Sorely definition
to a great degree
Ex: I missed him sorely
in or as if in pain
Ex: she moved painfully forward
Related wordsSorely - Kadtinavedanayeaate (കഠിനവേദനയോടെ)
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