Worthiness meaning in malayalam

Word: Worthiness

Meanings of Worthiness in malayalam :

Noun Gananeeyan‍ (ഗണനീയന്‍) Uchithan‍ (ഉചിതന്‍) Yeaagyan‍ (യോഗ്യന്‍)
Worthiness definition
the quality or state of having merit or value
Related definition of Worthiness

paathratha worthiness , capability .

paathraapaathrathvam worthiness & unworthiness .

yogyatha fitness , worthiness , merit irikkattha kka yo . Ku . The right of voting . En‍re yo . My dignity .

Related wordsWorthiness - Gananeeyan‍ (ഗണനീയന്‍)
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