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Word: Worthlessness

Meanings of Worthlessness in malayalam :

Noun Saaravattham (സാരവത്തം) Yeaagyan‍ (യോഗ്യന്‍) Ar‍han‍ (അര്‍ഹന്‍)
Worthlessness definition
having no qualities that would render it valuable or useful
Ex: the drill sergeant' s intent was to convince all the recruits of their worthlessness
the quality of being without practical use
Related definition of Worthlessness

vn . Ilappam slightness , worthlessness , disgrace . I . Paraka to abuse . Namakkilappam thulom u ndu mr . (= laghuthvam , thaazhcha) patekkilappam vannu bhr . Namukku varunna ilappavum valippa vum tr . My reputation . — ilappatthil‍ basely .

jaalyam ǰāḷyam s . (jala) apathy , folly , worthlessness . Ivvannamulla jaalyam ini undaakaa yvaan‍ bhr .

nisaaran‍ mean , worthlessness .

Related wordsWorthlessness - Saaravattham (സാരവത്തം)
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