argument meaning in marathi

Word: argument
Meaning of argument in english - verbal fight, effort to convince, presentation of support

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vaad ( वाद )
vaadaavaad ( वादावाद )
Synonyms of argument
squabble clash exchange brawl disagreement controversy feud altercation dispute debate quarrel tiff ruckus scene wrangle hassle brush go face-off out beef rhubarb scrap row spat fuss shindy stew words ruction flap romp run-in rumpus static blowup bone of contention difference of opinion donnybrook falling bickering crusher set-to gin finisher knockdown dustup bone to pick brannigan knock down and drag out talking heads case claim discussion assertion reasoning plea logic questioning argumentation polemic expostulation remonstration defense remonstrance pleading proof grounds
Antonyms of argument
calm agreement peace
Identical words :
As adjective :
argumentative - vaadak ( वादक )
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