at last meaning in marathi

Word: at last
Meaning of at last in english - eventually, finally, lastly/last, once and for all, ultimately

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
kadelag ( कडेलग )
Synonyms of at last
someday sooner or later yet hereafter sometime one day after all at the end of the day in future in the end in the long run when all is said and done already belatedly subsequently in conclusion tardily after a while as a sequel at length at long last at the last moment despite delay in spite of all in the eleventh hour behind all in all bringing up rear in the rear to conclude to sum up conclusively it's about time basically fundamentally presently somewhere as a conclusion at the close by and by climactically in consummation in due time in the sequel
Antonyms of at last
never doubtfully dubiously inconclusively
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