atheist meaning in marathi

Word: atheist
Meaning of atheist in english - nonbeliever

Meanings in marathi :

naastik ( नास्तिक )
Synonyms of atheist
skeptic pagan agnostic heathen infidel irreligionist
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atom but according to a commentaryatomatonementattached to the deity caitanya or māyāattached toattachedattachment but koattachmentattack by a band of robbersattack by an enemy armyattack in darknessattackattainedattaining godattainingattainmentattendant who brings flowers to a deityattendant who serves waterattendantattendants and escortsattentionattentive observationattentive watchingattentiveattentivelyattitude of serviceattraction obtained through the knowledge given by the deity māyāattraction to the aṇava deitiesattractionattractive