broad meaning in marathi

Word: broad
Meaning of broad in english - wide physically, extensive, full, obvious, liberal-minded, vulgar, a woman

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
phaaphat ( फाफट )
Synonyms of broad
expansive generous deep large immense vast thick squat roomy ample capacious extended spacious voluminous widespread splay latitudinous outspread outstretched comprehensive universal far-reaching sweeping general all-inclusive copious encyclopedic far-flung ubiquitous unlimited wide-ranging all-embracing nonspecific scopic undetailed clear explicit straightforward plain open apparent unequivocal undisguised radical progressive advanced experienced open-minded permissive tolerant unbiased cultivated blue gross purple coarse dirty improper indecent indelicate low-minded off-color racy risqué salty saucy smutty spicy suggestive unrefined unrestrained wicked floozy babe doll honey skirt moll female dish chick girl lady dame bimbo doxy gal lassie sweet thing
Antonyms of broad
miniature tiny restricted close-minded small-minded limited narrow quiet little thin empty exclusive particular ambiguous vague unclear obscure clean
Identical words :
broad and hefty - aadaverund ( आडवेरुंद )
broad-mouthed metal vessel for bath water - gangaal ( गंगाळ )
broad-mouthed vessel - paalen ( पाळें )
broad earthen pot - bhadibhaden ( भदी-भदें )
broad-mouthed earthen pot - maathan ( माथण )
broad shallow dish - sharaav ( शराव )
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