comfortable meaning in marathi

Word: comfortable
Meaning of comfortable in english - good feeling, affluent, wealthy, more than adequate

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
suravaadik ( सुरवाडिक )
prashast ( प्रशस्त )
Synonyms of comfortable
complacent enjoyable serene satisfying useful cozy healthy convenient relaxed loose pleasant appropriate snug easy soft pleased warm happy agreeable cheerful contented delightful hale hearty protected relieved rested restful restored satisfactory sheltered untroubled well-off gratified at rest cared for enjoying loose-fitting made well relaxing snug as a bug in a rug soothed strengthened prosperous ample enough substantial sufficient suitable well-heeled well-to-do cushy roomy spacious rich luxurious commodious
Antonyms of comfortable
dissatisfied unpleasant unsuited unfriendly discontented hopeless upset destitute needy pitiable wretched disagreeable unhappy troubled uncomfortable strict cold cool hard miserable neglected poor
Identical words :
comfortable conveyance - sokhaasan ( सोखासन )
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