conflict meaning in marathi

Word: conflict
Meaning of conflict in english - fight, warfare, disagreement, discord, be at odds

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vaad ( वाद )
savaada ( संवादा )
Synonyms of conflict
combat clash competition strife struggle battle rivalry contention contest engagement collision fray fracas encounter emulation set-to tug-of-war striving hostility friction animosity difference dispute dance dissent disunity affray hassle brush flap disaccord antagonism interference row meeting ruckus faction fuss dissension opposition dissidence run-in variance bad blood concours divided loyalties factionalism vary disturb contend brawl scrap jar collide oppose mismatch strive tangle slug contrast romp disharmonize bump heads with cross swords with lock horns with run against tide
Antonyms of conflict
truce calm surrender stability accord peace agreement harmony concord authorization concurrence ratification approval sympathy consent harmonize retreat aid assist give up make peace help yield support
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