confused meaning in marathi

Word: confused
Meaning of confused in english - disoriented mentally, mixed up, disordered

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sapol ( सपोल )
Synonyms of confused
muddled bewildered perplexed puzzled distracted perturbed befuddled dazed disorganized thrown gone abashed addled disconcerted discombobulated stumped misled punch-drunk punchy screwy slaphappy baffled flummoxed nonplussed unscrewed unzipped flustered spaced out at a loss at sea at sixes and sevens come apart fouled up glassy-eyed not with it out to lunch shook up shot to pieces taken aback thrown off balance unglued chaotic messy involved mistaken snafu unsettled obscured jumbled misunderstood disorderly haywire miscellaneous out of order topsy-turvy untidy miscalculated blurred disarranged snarled anarchic in a muddle
Antonyms of confused
composed organized understanding methodical ordered separated systematic clear
Identical words :
confused state of mind - bhramalepan ( भ्रमलेपण )
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