confusion meaning in marathi

Word: confusion
Meaning of confusion in english - disorientation, disoriented state

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
lãhidavadi ( लंहिदवडी )
पळापळ धांदल
Synonyms of confusion
turmoil bewilderment embarrassment turbulence distraction demoralization pother puzzlement bemusement flap dither chagrin tumult agitation commotion befuddlement perturbation fluster stew abashment perplexity discomfiture lather disturbing embarrassing perplexing unsettling upsetting abashing addling befuddling blurring cluttering confounding disarranging discomfiting dumbfounding embroiling mixup mystification obscuring stirring up tangling complication upheaval disarray chaos anarchy difficulty complexity consternation trouble dislocation mistake wilderness shambles racket jumble tangle row intricacy labyrinth haze fog stupefaction daze ferment surprise astonishment riot mess muddle imbroglio fracas ado untidiness discomposure pandemonium uproar disorganization bustle hodge-podge
Antonyms of confusion
calm happiness calmness clarity orientation composure peace order organization sense method system simplicity tranquility contentment tidiness clearness expectation harmony ease neatness agreement
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