corn meaning in marathi

Word: corn
Meaning of corn in english - banality, bulb, cereal, cliché, commonplace, feed, fodder, grain, platitude, seed, swelling, whiskey

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sasy ( सस्य )
Synonyms of corn
plate trivia truism triviality adage buzzword saw dullsville chestnut hokum boiler familiar tune high camp old chestnut old saw prosaicism prosaism trite phrase knob head ball globe tumor protuberance nub bunch nodule corm wheat rice bran rye oats breakfast food bromide motto proverb rubber stamp saying shibboleth slogan stereotype boiler plate counterword old story potboiler stale saying threadbare phrase trite remark triteness vapid expression tag prose inanity shallowness triviality truism forage hay meal grub provisions provender straw grass vittles barley silage pasturage animal food kernel mote morsel whit spark speck pellet scrap modicum tittle iota jot trace fragment scintilla molecule atom crumb bit mite smidgen scruple particle drop grist granule ounce flatness evenness vapidity monotony verbiage insipidity hackneyed saying egg berry concept rudiment impression inkling ovum germ cell start suspicion bud image core nucleus ear embryo conception conceit notion ovule spore sperm semen blister abscess bump bruise sore welt inflammation injury contusion wale dilation ridge hump increase pock wart node distention weal carbuncle enlargement bulge pimple puff puffiness pustule bunion tumescence knurl drink alcohol liquor scotch spirits moonshine distill mountain dew white lightning distillery bourbon rotgut poteen moonshiner hooch spiritus frumenti
Antonyms of corn
nuance coinage original saying depression whole lot death exterior outside ending result ancestor parent being concrete exteriority effect
Identical words :
As noun :
corner - saandi ( सांदी )
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