correct meaning in marathi

Word: correct
Meaning of correct in english - accurate, exact, proper, appropriate, fix, adjust, discipline, chastise

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
samyak ( सम्यक )
Synonyms of correct
precise perfect strict legitimate equitable factual stone right okay according to Hoyle amen faithful faultless flawless for sure impeccable nice on the ball on the nose regular right stuff righteous rigorous veracious right on veridical true cooking with gas dead on free of error on target on the beam on the button on the money on track right as rain undistorted unmistaken acceptable careful becoming conforming fitting done conventional decent decorous diplomatic meticulous punctilious scrupulous seemly standard suitable comme il faut repair upgrade rectify amend review remedy redress regulate cure alter revise improve scrub help doctor edit reorganize reform launder better retouch emend reclaim reconstruct polish debug ameliorate remodel change fix up go over pick up touch up straighten out clean up clean up act do over fiddle with get with it make over make right make up for pay dues put in order set right set straight shape up turn around punish penalize chasten chide administer admonish castigate reprimand
Antonyms of correct
inaccurate unsuitable incorrect biased inexact inappropriate false imprecise improper invalid wrong flawed unfitting unseemly damage destroy injure ruin remain worsen harm weaken blunder goof mistake pamper pet break hurt maintain depress blow coddle indulge spoil be permissive forgive reward compliment laud
Identical words :
correct knowledge - prama ( प्रमा )
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