corruption meaning in marathi

Word: corruption
Meaning of corruption in english - dishonesty, baseness, adulteration

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
apabhransh ( अपभ्रंश )
Synonyms of corruption
fraud nepotism crime exploitation malfeasance extortion graft demoralization misrepresentation shuffle shadiness venality racket payola squeeze crookedness payoff bribery unscrupulousness jobbery skimming breach of trust bribing fiddling fraudulency on the take profiteering shady deal atrocity evil degradation infamy impurity profligacy vice iniquity vulgarity immorality turpitude perversion depravity decadence viciousness wickedness degeneration looseness sinfulness lubricity pollution defilement putrefaction decay infection distortion putrescence debasement rot foulness rottenness falsification noxiousness
Antonyms of corruption
decency honesty truthfulness goodness cleanliness cleanness pureness purification sterility honor wholesomeness kindness purity morality virtue development
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