dip meaning in marathi

Word: dip
Meaning of dip in english - submersion in liquid, something for dunking, depression, decline, put into liquid, lower, descend, scoop, ladle

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
valen ( वळें )
apuurv ( अपूर्व )
valan ( वळण )
हातातील कडे
Synonyms of dip
dive plunge swim soak immersion bath douche soaking drenching ducking mixture concoction solution infusion preparation suspension dilution suffusion drop slump slope lowering incline declivity sinkhole descent fall sag hollow concavity slip pitch downswing basin inclination downslide downtrend fall-off sinkage wash rinse bathe souse irrigate immerse wet lave moisten water splash baptize douse submerge slosh submerse steep plummet recede tumble spiral reach go down skid verge set veer tilt skew subside slant sheer settle bend fade swoop disappear droop drop down nose-dive slue lift lade draw shovel handle offer bale dredge bucket decant strain spoon dish bail draw out draft off
Antonyms of dip
increase ascent rise solid dehydrate dry ascend raise even straighten go up advance
Identical words :
dip or dive into water - budi ( बुडी )
dip in the ground - lavan ( लवण )
dip in a road - varaan ( वरान )
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