disguise meaning in marathi

Word: disguise
Meaning of disguise in english - covering, makeup for deception, mask, misrepresent

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
song ( सोंग )
aavagani ( आवगणी )
Synonyms of disguise
guise veil cloak camouflage trickery blind color pretension costume facade dress counterfeit coloring pseudonym concealment charade illusion veneer semblance masquerade screen put-on front pretense cover-up pageant face pretentiousness make-believe beard false front pen name red herring smoke screen faking dissimulation fig leaf get-up dress up deceive hide obscure alter antique feign whitewash fake redo varnish fudge falsify sham muffle shroud dissemble simulate affect change assume pretend obfuscate dissimulate garble secrete make up put on an act touch up gloss over cover up doctor up make like put on a false front put on a front put up a front
Antonyms of disguise
honesty personality reality back rear truth character disclose divulge uncover unmask expose lay bare let out open reveal show tell represent tell truth
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